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de México, S.A de C.V.®

Quality Instruments
Laboratory Licensed by ema to perform NRF-PEMEX  

corrosion and accelerated weathering tests. 

Laboratory Validated by Volkswagen to perform tests under the Standard 

TL 211 & TL 226.

Datacolor 800 Family

Unparalleled reference-grade color measurement

The Benchtop Datacolor ® 800 Family of spectrophotometers, with its new embedded processor and data storage, provides a platform for increased efficiency and color measurement confidence, while delivering Datacolor’s best-in-class precision, accuracy and compatibility with other fleet instruments. For decades, the reference-grade instruments of Datacolor have been selected by the world’s leading manufacturers and brands to specify, formulate and control critical color for reflectance (DC800/800V) and transmission (DC850).

Unbeatable measurement efficiency

The only TRUE close tolerance spectrophotometer

•No profiling required. Superior design enables the industry’s best inter-instrument agreement right out-of-the-box.

•Utilizes Datacolor’s SP2000 which captures the true spectral fingerprint of any color at the highest possible accuracy. As a result, you can achieve very close agreement among all instruments in your supply chain.

Fleet Compatibility

Datacolor 800 Family it´s an incorporation or an impeccable replacement in your current fleet that doesn’t require a new measurement of the standards:

•Totally compatible with the existing fleet of Datacolor 600 instruments.

Quantifiable improvement in productivity throughput

With the new characteristics of the Datacolor 800 Family of spectrophotometers, you get complete confidence in each measurement. 

  • The positioning camera and color LCD ensure perfect sample placement every time.

  • The LCD screen prominently displays the calibration status and instrument settings to minimize the user´s errors.

  • The LCD screen also displays a color coded instrument status bar to highlight potential need for maintenance.

  • Diagnostic data is now stored on the instrument and can be extracted and shared with Datacolor Technical Service to enable remote diagnostics and maximize issues resolution.

Complete confidence in your measurements

The considerable improvements in productivity allow users to measure more samples per day both in the autonomous as in the global facilities:

•25 % measurement time reduction.

•Improves response times in Citrix and Terminal Server Environments.



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