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de México, S.A de C.V.®

Quality Instruments
Laboratory Licensed by ema® to perform NRF-PEMEX  

corrosion and accelerated weathering tests. 

Laboratory Validated by Volkswagen to perform tests under the Standard 

TL 211 & TL 226.

Datacolor GUARDIAN

Every day, your business and your customers depend on your color management system to perform at the highest, most reliable level possible. 

Datacolor recognizes that your business is global and needs to run effectively 24/7.               Now Datacolor GUARDIAN™ offers you comprehensive, ongoing service and support, giving you peace of mind at a very affordable price.

The latest in Instrument Diagnosis Programs

  •   Unique predictive maintenance monitoring service

  • Experts remotely monitor the overall condition of your spectrophotometer

  • Disposable reference-grade diagnostic tiles

  • Easy to use as measuring a sample



  • Lower cost by eliminating or reducing production errors

  • Higher reliability, means increased business


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