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de México, S.A de C.V.®

Quality Instruments
Laboratory Licensed by ema® to perform NRF-PEMEX  

corrosion and accelerated weathering tests. 

Laboratory Validated by Volkswagen to perform tests under the Standard 

TL 211 & TL 226.

Datacolor SELECT Kit


Datacolor, a global leader in digital color management technology, is introducing a new and affordable way at different points of sale. For home decor, retail outlets to provide customers with computer-aided color matching systems upon request.                               Datacolor SELECT Kit™ is a value priced solution to color matching and selection offering many of the same features found in more expensive systems including color measurement, fast colorimetric search and formula identification, customer formula storage, retrieval, and adjustment.


Color measurement and fast colorimetric search and formula retrieval

Customer formula storage and retrieval

Manual formula storage and adjustment

Match competitor’s fan deck colors

Virtual design and visualization

Instant color harmony advice

Label printing

Communication with popular automatic dispensers

The Monitor calibration using award-winning Spyder4 monitor calibrator Datacolor’s new SELECT Kit™ is an economical, yet extremely powerful tool, for matching and measuring colors using state-of-the-art measurement and search engine technology to identify perfect matches from thousands of colors.

Designed for:

Paints and Coatings Industry



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