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Quality Instruments
Laboratory Licensed by ema to perform NRF-PEMEX  

corrosion and accelerated weathering tests. 

Laboratory Validated by Volkswagen to perform tests under the Standard 

TL 211 & TL 226.

Florida’s outdoor exposure essays

Q-Lab Weathering Research Service


Outdoor Weathering Test

Natural exposure tests are an essential part of weathering and light stability tests. Q-Lab test service has outdoor exposure sites in international renowned places such as Florida and Arizona that are used as a reference. 

Weathering tests in Q-Lab Florida

South Florida has a unique balance of high intensity sunlight, high temperatures year-round, heavy rains and high humidity. 

Weathering tests in Q-Lab Arizona 

Arizona has an arid desert climate with more sunlight and higher temperatures than Florida.

Normally, specimens in Arizona receive approximately 20% more sunlight than in Florida.

Outdoor accelerated tests 

The Q-Trac concentrator of natural sunlight is a natural accelerated exposure to the outdoors. 

Q-Trac tests are exclusive of Q-Lab Arizona. 

Accelerated laboratory

Q-Lab Florida laboratory offers: ultraviolet light tests, xenon arc light, humidity, spalling resistance and corrosion. Q-Lab performs all tests and assessments in compliance with the pertinent test methods of the ISO standard. Watch the video about the Q-Trac concentrator of natural sunlight.

General Description: Lamps and Filters

Specifications: Humidity

Applicable Test Methods: Calibration


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