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Quality Instruments
Laboratory Licensed by ema to perform NRF-PEMEX  

corrosion and accelerated weathering tests. 

Laboratory Validated by Volkswagen to perform tests under the Standard 

TL 211 & TL 226.

Q-TRAC Sunlight concentrator testing

Testing with the Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrators at Q-Lab Arizona are fast, economic and simple. 

Super-fast results from natural sunlight

Q-TRAC natural sunlight concentrator testing gives super-fast results like accelerated laboratory testers, but instead uses actual sunlight as the light source. It is exceptionally useful for highly durable materials with exceptionally long lifetime expectations. 

The Q-TRAC system uses an array of 10 mirrors to reflect and concentrate full spectrum sunlight onto the test specimens. Furthermore the Q-TRAC system automatically tracks the sun throughout the day in both azimuth (horizontally) and elevation (vertically).    The combination of mirrors and tracking maximizes the amount of exposure that your test specimen receives.  

The Q-TRAC outdoor tester also has a water spray system that can be set to perform various cycles to simulate Florida weathering or create thermal shock.  Additionally, specimens are oriented facing up during night-time wetting to give increased time of wetness and enhanced realism, compared to original EMMAQUA® natural sunlight concentrator testing.  Q-Lab also now offers temperature-controlled Q-TRAC testing for more heat-sensitive specimens - contact us for more details.

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